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Established in 2002 as the Pacific Northwest's Premiere Glazing Specialists
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Sleek Entrances
That Make a Statement

Swing door systems elevate the presence of your space and introduce a modern and spacious aesthetic to any room.
Sky Windows Commercial Swing Door

CRL Wedge-Lock Dry Glaze Door Rail Systems

The patented Wedge-Lock™ Glass Securing System is a totally original concept for securing the glass in the Door Rail. No more fumbling with multiple pieces, trying to align them properly. No more time wasted waiting for cement to dry or in clean up. The Wedge-Lock™ System works by applying pressure evenly along both sides of the glass.

Sky Windows Swing Doors Office Space
Slender Profile Door Rail System

CRL Slender Profile Door Rails measure only 1″ (25 mm) wide and are available in three heights: 1″, 1-3/8″, and 2-1/2″ (25, 35, and 64 mm). They are all prepped to receive any of the three Slender Profile Rail Pivot Inserts, ordered separately, that allow you to use overhead door closers, floor mounted door closers, or pivots. All Slender Profile Rails can be fitted with our 7150 Series Cam Lock for use in display case applications.

Sky Windows Swing Doors Office Space 2
Swinging Glass Door System

With no top or bottom rail required, this system provides a truly frameless look. The top and bottom of the Door swings on heavy-duty ball-bearing pivots. Our engineers have designed a unique In-Rail Closing Mechanism which is concealed in the vertical rail, eliminating the need for large enclosures in the floor. The closer always returns the Door to the closed position, and the closing speed is adjustable.

Sky Windows Swing Doors Design
Glass Door Patch Systems

A storefront system using Patch Hardware has minimal distractions, and creates an almost frameless appearance with a modern, contemporary aesthetic. The result is customer concentration on the merchandise, not the surrounding glass support system. C.R. Laurence offers a variety of Patch Hardware to make this state of the art glazing system available to the storefront industry.

Sky Windows Swing Door In Garden

Pivot Door Systems

Our Laguna Series Hardware brings a contemporary look to interior home or office partitions. Made of high-grade 316 alloy stainless steel, it will give years of reliable function and modern beauty to your projects. The CRL Laguna Pivot Door System can be used with free-swinging doors, or doors controlled by floor mounted door closers. The hardware can be ordered in sets or by individual components.

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