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Aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, curtain walls are energy efficient, serving as a cost effective barrier to the elements. These façades regulate wind pressures, moisture and outdoor temperatures, creating a temperate climate indoors.
Sky Windows Commercial Glass Curtain Wall

Next-Level Glass Design

A curtain wall is an exterior glass wall that is not load-bearing, and can be used in high-rises, low-rises and single family homes. Various vertical and horizontal bracing can be used depending on the structure’s architecture. With a variety of exterior color choices, and panels, composed of lightweight glass, stone, aluminum, marble, metal or composite materials. Customized designs are also available to elevate the design and match the building’s aesthetic.

Sky Windows Stick System Icon
Stick System

This features a cladding and exterior wall system that is hung on the building structure from floor to floor, and its components are assembled piece by piece on the job site. A major benefit of the stick system is that it is airtight, and resistant to the elements. Its ease of installation makes it one of the most commonly used types of curtain walls.

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Unitized Panel System

A higher-quality curtain wall, this system is installed as a panel system of interlocking units that maximizes natural light. It contains the same components as a stick-built curtain wall system, but most of the system components are factory-assembled. Mainly used in high-rises, this system allows for quick closure of the building.

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Point-Loaded Glazing Systems

Point-loaded structural glazing systems consist of laminated and tempered glass supported by hardware embedded in the glass. This is the premier system of choice for highly transparent entrances, atriums, lobbies and facades. This system eliminates any visible metal framework and offers a variety of available support systems.

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