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Established in 2002 as the Pacific Northwest's Premiere Glazing Specialists
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Systems That Make a
Great First Impression

Versatile and flexible, sliding door systems combine functionality with design to give your space a modern, polished aesthetic.
Sky Windows Commercial Sliding Doors

Synchronized Glass Doors

KLEIN Extendo® is a telescopic door system designed to divide space through simultaneous sliding frameless glass doors providing a large opening with minimal storing space. Ideal for conference rooms, offices, kitchens, and bedroom entrances, these systems are free of floor tracks and use ball-bearings for a quiet and soft opening. 2, 3, or 4 doors can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or hidden behind a drop ceiling.

Sky Windows Commercial Sliding Doors Bedroom
Roll Glass Doors

The KLEIN Rollglass+ door system creates a glass front that combines fixed and mobile glass panels on a single track. It can be hidden in a drop ceiling for a completely minimalist effect. Versatile and flexible, Roll Glass door systems allow for various combinations, down to the smallest detail.

Sky Windows Commercial Sliding Door
Interior Design Glass

KLEIN Unikglass+: a discrete profile guides a single mobile glass pane. It can be hidden in a drop ceiling for a completely minimalist effect. This system does not have any tracks or other architectural barriers on the floor. It allows for an easy and completely intuitive assembly.

Sky Windows Commercial Sliding Doors Space
The Benefits of Both Systems

Both Rollglass and Unikglass systems utilize exposed or hidden profiles that can be installed on a wall, ceiling, or in a drop ceiling, with or without a lintel. A special profile with hidden dropped ceiling wings allows for maximum architectural integration, with silent, effortless sliding.

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