Window with In-Slab Vent Repairs and Maintenance in Greater Vancouver

A plugged or sealed vent will trap heat and impede the airflow of the dryer. Regular lint trap and vent cleaning and checkups will allow you to make sure that the heat and air flow to move through the dryer properly.

Call Sky Windows Ltd. at 604 657 0381 for in-slab ventilation repairs and maintenance!

Common laundry exhausts are usually located in apartment buildings, but could also be in laundry mats. The duct-work attached to these exhaust systems can come in all ranges of size and configuration.

Energy Efficiency: With a clogged dryer vent, a dryer can work up to 10 times as hard to dry clothes. If you have to run your clothes through a second dry cycle, your dryer is using at least twice the energy is should, along with reducing the life expectancy of your dryer.

Fire Hazard: As dryer vents load up with lint and soap residue, so do dryers. This mixture is highly flammable and when it gets backed up close to the electric heat element in the dryer, it can easily combust.

Flood Hazard: AIf the condensation does not reach the outdoors in vapor form, the result is moisture buildup in the duct-work. This condensation can build up and start to pool in the duct-work. The water along with the lint entering the duct-work causes blockages to form very quickly

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