Window and Door Repairs for Property Managers and Strata in Greater Vancouver

At Sky Windows Ltd. we work closely with many Property Managers and Stratas in the Greater Vancouver area to take care of their glass and door repairs, maintenance and installation.

Call us at 604 657 0381 and enjoy the benefits!

Sky Windows Ltd. has a team of expert glaziers ready to take on any glass and door repair or custom installation project. We will handle all window replacement, glass shower door repair, screen door repairs, mirrors and glass cabinet installation. Call us for anything from routine Window Repair to Emergency Glass Services!

Our extensive glass and door services are great for anything from small repairs to major renovations. Property managers utilize Sky Windows Ltd. services for remodeling and updates such as shower enclosures and home window installation.

Strata housing is more than just condos. Strata housing can also include: duplexes, townhouses, fractional vacation properties – even single family homes in bare land strata corporations (“strata subdivisions”).

In addition to strata housing or residential strata, there are also commercial, industrial and mixed use strata developments (e.g. restaurants, retail space, hotels, parking lots, offices, stables, marinas, etc).

While some strata developments are solely commercial or residential, many strata developments are a combination of commercial and residential strata (mixed-use). Strata developments may also include air space parcels with their own set of legal and contractual responsibilities.

Strata corporations may also be divided into sections. In addition to belonging to the strata corporation, sections must have their own executive, annual general meetings, budget and may also have their own bylaws and rules.

Strata developments can also be either freehold or leasehold. It is important to understand the specific legal responsibilities attached to these different types of strata tenure and the fair market value (FMV) of the strata leasehold.

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