Speedy Tempered Window and Door Glass Repair in Metro Vancouver

Sky Windows Ltd. is well know for its speedy work, quality of craftsmanship and best prices in the market. We work with all kinds of the residential and commercial glass, windows and doors.

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Speedy Tempered Window and Door Glass Repair in Metro Vancouver

We get hundreds of inquiries every week and here is our top list:

Double Glazing for Thermal Insulation
Glass used in double glazing window for thermal insulation is known as Low E, or low-emission glass. It has a transparent metallic coating that works in two ways to economize heating energy. The dual action coating reflects heat back into the room, whilst allowing heat and light from the sun to pass through.

Laminated Glass
Laminated glass is comprised of one or more inter-layers, sandwiched between two or more sheets of float glass. The inter-layers are composed of a PVB (polyvinyl butyal) laminate, or cast resin.

Glass Against Vandalism and Infraction
Security glass offers protection against aggression and can act as an important deterrent against vandalism and infraction.

Speedy Tempered Window and Door Glass Repair in Metro Vancouver

Acoustic Glass
Acoustic glass considerably reduces outside noise, especially near busy areas such as motorways, main roads and airports. When used in overhead or roof glazing, double glazing window also provides insulation from rain impact noise. It can be used for interior sound insulation needs, such as office partitions and meeting rooms.

Toughened Glass
Toughened, or tempered, glass is four to five times stronger than ordinary float glass. If it is broken relatively harmless fragments, known as ‘dice’, are formed which are unlikely to cause injury.

Safety Glass
Safety glass is now mandatory in some areas of the home, as well as throughout some types of buildings such as schools. Glass used in roofs must also meet safety requirements in case of an object falling on to the double glazing window which could cause fragments falling below.

Colorful Glass
Decorative glass for glazing can be manufactured in a variety of ways to give a wide choice of patterns, textures, colors and opacity. Decorative glass effects can be created on double glazing window panels by silvering, tinting, acid-etching or applying ceramic paints. The design can offer partial or total coverage, for improved aesthetics and privacy.

Speedy Tempered Window and Door Glass Repair in Metro Vancouver

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