Restaurant Window and Door Repairs or Replacement in Vancouver BC

When someone breaks a window, shatters the glass or damages the door at your restaurant call Sky Windows Ltd. We will advise the best solution and take care of the problem. At Sky Windows Ltd. we will repair or replace windows and doors at your restaurant at a very affordable rate. Since we purchase and install windows and doors in large volumes Sky Windows Ltd. can offer lower prices and better selection of windows and doors to its customers. More than 10 years of experience in the business!

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It doesn’t matter if you own a ethnic restaurant, fast food restaurant, fast casual restaurant, casual dining restaurant, family style restaurant, fine dining restaurant, barbecue restaurant, brasserie, bistro, buffet, smörgåsbord, cafe, cafeteria, coffeehouse, destination restaurant, tabletop cooking restaurant, mongolian barbecue restaurant, pub, teppanyaki style restaurant or any other type of restaurant we can help you!

Here are a few examples of windows we work with:

Casement Windows
They offer excellent ventilation and keep the area inside cool and breezy during a hot day.

Awning Windows
These windows are similar to casement windows, but they’re hinges are found at the top. When they’re opened, the glass can be used to create shade or even cover people under it from the rain.

Picture and Fixed Windows
Picture windows are beautiful, big windows that have big glass areas and minimum frame width. These windows don’t open, making them a good choice for empty walls or areas where you feel needs a fresh, open feel. The glass can even be used as a menu.

Gliding Windows
This window lets you move one of the panels to the side to open it. It’s very easy to open and you don’t need to project it outwards so it doesn’t take up more space.

Vertical Slider Windows
These are like picture windows but with sliders that you can move up and down to open the window. A spring is hidden in the frame which holds the window in position so it doesn’t close due to gravity.

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