Remove Your Old Windows and Pay Less in the Greater Vancouver Area

At Sky Windows Ltd. we will remove your old windows without causing any mess and replace them with new ones at a very reasonable price anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area. We have a large selection of products you can choose from inexpensive to high end custom made luxury ones!

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When to Replace Windows

If your windows are extremely damaged by water infiltration you have a strong case for replacement. Letting rot go unchecked in your house will just lead to further problems. More than just the loss of heat, money and comfort, over time rot could spread beyond just the window and affect the structural integrity of the wall itself. There is also air quality issues to consider as you may have mold and mildew as well. In such a case you may be wise to replace an individual window.

Repairing Old Windows

If your frames are in relatively good shape and the issue is air leakage, repair is not only possible, it will likely be much cheaper and offer a very quick payback for your efforts in terms of saving energy and money.

Talk to us and we will advise you the BEST SOLUTION!

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