Vinyl / Wood Windows

Vinyl and Wood combination windows offer a natural wood interior and a vinyl exterior. This system will not allow moisture to penetrate the wood which prevents rot and damage.

You can choose your exterior frame color and interior wood type.

Benefits of Vinyl and Wood Combination Systems

  • Vinyl exterior is maintenance free
  • Allows for interior decor and style
  • Water resistant
  • Preservation of wood against outdoor elements

Vinyl sliding windows are cost-effective , durable , easy to maintain and simple to install.

Types of Vinyl Windows

  • Awning- swing open from hinges at the top
  • Bay or bow- create extra room in any room by curving outward
  • Casement- swing open to the side for maximum ventilation
  • Double-hung or single-hung- classic sliding style from the top or bottom of the window
  • Sliding- glides open from side to side

Wood windows offer unparalleled beauty, warmth and design flexibility.

Benefits of Wood Detailed Windows

  • Custom shapes, sizes, grille patterns and exterior colors
  • A variety of wood types for naturally beautiful interiors
  • Energy efficient

Wood is one of the most common materials for window frames. Wood windows offer a terrific variety of exterior color choices as well as interior wood types and finish choices.

Types of Wood Windows

  • BENT windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Tilt and turn windows
  • Telescoping windows
  • Hopper windows
  • Bay windows
  • Gothic windows
  • Pivot windows
  • Ceiling windows
  • Awning windows

Warm up your living space naturally with wood window options.