Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are popular for custom homes and light commercial window applications. The ultra thin profile and strength of our aluminum windows offer an opportunity for maximum glass and a minimal frame. The thermal break provides energy efficiency by reducing temperature transfer.

Benefits of Aluminum Windows

  • Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal and is an environmentally sustainable material.
  • Corrosion resistant coating and low maintenance which extends the life of the product
  • Can be left natural or finished to match any decor
  • Aluminum windows have design and deliver excellent thermal performance
  • Aluminum windows are cost-effective, extremely durable and are energy efficient
  • Modern aluminum windows use a thermal break which refers to an insulating barrier (typically vinyl) that runs between the internal and external frame preventing the transfer of cold
  • Types of Aluminum Windows

    Modern aluminum windows offer fantastic insulation levels and stunning contemporary design, as well as increased safety. There are many options to choose available:

    Fixed panoramic:

    Huge expanses of glass can be supported by aluminum frames, which allows us to manufacture gorgeous panoramic windows that give you uninterrupted views of the outside world.


    Also known as “sash windows”, these combine traditional design with modern materials. Casement windows are available with opening leafs top-hung or side-hung. Top-hung windows have the advantage of providing ventilation even when raining, while side-hung allows opposite sides to swing out.

    Tilt and Turn:

    These innovative windows can provide the best of both top-hung and side-hung worlds by allowing both in a single configuration.

    Parallel Opening:

    These give maximum ventilation while minimizing draughts – and without any compromise in security. The windows remain parallel when open, appearing to just hover in front of their original position.

    Roof Windows

    Our stunning aluminum roof windows really make a difference to your extension or existing rooms. Natural light streams through the wide expanse of glass, providing a light and airy space no matter what time of year.

    Enjoy the benefits of maximum natural light with expansive glass and thin frames.