Fast 24HR Smashed Glass Repair & Replacement of Storefronts & Skylights

With the rise of break-ins in the Greater Vancouver area the business owners should take precautionary steps to make sure that the glass of storefronts and skylights is break-in proof as well as windows and doors. Your investment is worth it and will help you to avoid losses and other hustles later down the road.

Call us at 604 657 0381 and we will advise you what options are available.

In case somebody already smashed the glass or damaged any of your windows or doors CALL US! 24 hour emergency glass repair and replacement service is available too. CALL US NOW!

Here is what happened yesterday. A 24 hour emergency call was received at 4am in Vancouver, BC. A thief climbed the roof of the adjacent building, then got on to the building of a high end merchandise store, and then smashed the skylight glass with a brick. That’s how the thief entered the store. As the result the thief stole merchandise valued at $10,000 before VPD officers showed up. In the picture you can see a temporary cover that is placed there until the unbreakable specialty glass is received and installed.

Fast 24HR Smashed Glass Repair & Replacement of Storefronts & Skylights in the Greater Vancouver Area

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