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Sealed Unit Replacements

If you notice fog or moisture in between the panes of your glass window, and there is not an obvious crack or break, this is an indicator the sealed unit needs replacing.

What is a sealed unit?

A sealed unit (also referred to as a Thermo, Thermal Unit, IG Unit or insulated glazing), is a glazing system that consists of two or more panes of glass with an adhesive spacer that separates each pane and seals the gap between the panes.

This spacer is what helps keep frost and condensation from forming on the window pane. Even the highest quality sealed unit can wear out under constant expansion and contraction, and when this happens, moisture seeps in.

Sky Windows is here to help you.

We can simply and quickly replace the sealed unit in any window, saving you money, as this will eliminate the cost of a full frame installation.