Best Window Installers in Greater Vancouver

“This was our second time hiring Sky Windows Ltd. for our windows. Each time the employees were professional, friendly and had a high standard for quality. Our estimator Theo made sure we got the right windows for us including a beautiful rain textured privacy window. They worked very hard and were awesome to deal with. Since they were replacing a window above an area in our roof that had been leaking, I asked them if they knew what could be causing the leak. They informed me that there was no tar paper under the vinyl siding they had taken off in that area, which was the likely cause. They took the time to show us and said that they would add the paper to the side of the house before putting the siding back on. Since then we have had no problems with leaks. These men took a little extra time to go above and beyond what they were required to do plus were patient enough to explain it to us. We continue to be impressed with this company and the quality of employees they hire! We will be using them for the rest of our windows and won’t hesitate to recommend! Thanks again!!
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend” says George from Surrey

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