Keep Weather out with Glass Patio Enclosures by Sky Windows Ltd in Vancouver BC

One of the biggest problems for those who own a patio is how to keep the weather out. In winter snow is coming in, but in summer it is soaking wet from rain. Add wind to this equation and you have a disaster on your hands. As the result wood starts to rot and your patio furniture gets destroyed.

At Sky Windows Ltd. we have an excellent solution for that – custom glass for the patio enclosure. In this particular example we have used 10mm tempered glass.

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FREE Heat Loss Inspection for Residential and Commercial Properties

The number one problem in every household is HEAT LOSS!
At Sky Windows Ltd. we will carry out a FREE SURVEY of your doors and windows anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area and if there is a problem we will advise the best solution.

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In this picture you can see how area around the window including the window itself is losing heat.

The situation is even worse with the door.

That is your average door to the backyard.